M o i s t u r i z i n g    H e a l i n g    R e p l e n i s h i n g

Desert  Plants
 of the matter
Why desert plants?  

3 basic reasons
(a) moisture retention
(b) a natural sun protection
(c) high in anti-oxidants
Perfect for skin care! Nature-ally intelligent
Spring Detox
High Desert Polish
We recommend that you jump start your detox program with our nourishing body polish!  We source our sea salt from Utah that is high in minerals, over 90 trace minerals to be exact, to replenish, restore and revitalize! Simply apply in circular motion toward the heart, your arms, legs and body. It will "unclog" your lymphatic system of toxin build up that lay dormant through the winter.  You will feel a whole new you! Refreshed and moisturized.

New and improved! We now have added more organic and nourishing oils to our mix that is infused with the plants of the desert that is high in anti-oxidants, and anti-bacterial properties.

Lavender flowers on a vintage wooden background

Free!  With a purchase of our High Desert Polish we will give you a complimentary Lavender Oil 4oz. size to add to the mix as it drys out over time.