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2Shea Face Moisturizer 2 oz.

2Shea Face Moisturizer

2 oz.

The Moisturizer is a rich cream base made with cold processed oils of shea, carrot and jojoba, prickly pear oils to restore dry skin. The desert plants of burdock, chaparral, rose, licorice and primrose have flourishing properties of vitamin C and B complex, Gama Glucosides (natural sunscreen) and minerals of zinc, iron and calcium that have natural peptides to restore cellular aging damage.

distilled water; citric acid; shea butter (organic); evening primrose oil; sunflower oil (organic); aloe vera oil (organic); cold processed carrot oil; jojoba oil (organic); vegetable glycerin; emulsifying wax (organic); squalene (vegetable); vitamin E (tocopherol); wild-crafted and organic botanical extracts of burdock rt.; licorice; primrose seed; rose hips; chaparral; prickly pear; amaranth; sage; essential oils of rose geranium (certified biodynamic) ; rosewood, and grapefruit; preservative (optiphen plus).
2oz. $22.50