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Desert Blends Products

Company Profile

Desert Blends of Taos manufactures personal care products using an Ayurvedic blend of infused, wildcrafted sage and herbal extracts from the sacred mountains of Taos, New Mexico. The desert plants were chosen for their micronutrients that not only revitalize and re-nourish the skin, but also strengthen the vital centers of the body and enhance a sense of well-being. Following in the footsteps of the Native Americans who traditionally use these plants for healing and purification, Desert Blends products are based on the beneficial properties of desert plants. This exclusive all-natural bath and body line is indigenous to the land of enchantment.

Desert Blends is owned and operated by Toni Leigh, a certified Ayurvedic Herbalist. Her experience on this land and with these plants has supported her healing and empowered her. It became a seed for her business, as she wanted to bring that healing power of the high desert to others in the global community. The products are prepared with all-natural ingredients using the most innovative technologies for natural ingredient formulation. Ms. Leigh's vision is to maintain the value and integrity of plant botanicals to impact the natural care product industry.

Desert Blends of Taos is dedicated to quality and service. We provide guest amenities for the luxury hotel industry and retail products for exclusive spas and specialty gift stores. In addition, we also offer private label design and packaging.