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We use only whole plant systems in our facial formulations. No fillers, synthetics or harmful chemicals. We blend moisturizing and nutritive oils and desert plants that are high in vitamins and minerals. Desert plants have adapted and survived in extreme hot dry climates, holding all the moisture of the desert and carry a natural UV protection. It turns out, great for skin care! 2shea! facial products are made with these desert plants and oils that are restorative, moisturizing, and rich in minerals and vitamins for skin rejuvenation, shielding our skin from extreme weather and harmful UV rays, even in the driest desert climate.

2shea facial moisturizer
2shea Face Moisturizer 2 oz. This restorative cream is highly moisturizing, with collagen building peptides.  More
2oz. $22.50 cart

2Shea Face Serum .5 oz. Natures Face Lift
2shea Face Serum .5 oz. Natures Face Lift Anti-wrinkle formula high in GLA’s and essential fatty acids.  More
.5oz. $22.50 cart

2Shea Facial Cleansing Lotion 3oz.
2shea Facial Cleansing Lotion 3 oz. Silky smooth, soft cleansing facial wash with a natural formulation of aloe and shea.  More
3oz. $15.00 cart

2Shea Facial Toner 3oz
2shea Facial Toner 3oz. An astringent, detoxifying and regenerative facial toner with rose geranium hydrosol.  More
3oz. $15.00 cart

2Shea Travel Set
2shea Travel Set Includes complete face regimen of 2Shea products of 2oz. Face Moisturizer; .5 oz. Face Serum; 3oz. Facial Cleansing Lotion; and 3oz. Facial Toner in a vinyl travel zip bag.  More
$60.00 cart