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Toni Leigh

Desert Blends of Taos is committed to quality and excellence. We provide innovative formulas and products that are unique to the land of enchantment, using indigenous and organic ingredients.

We practice mindful awareness of our environment and hold a reverence for traditional ways and practices of the native people, Mother Earth and her healing plants.

We buy Organic from small farms and wildcraft (harvest) out in nature. Green lush Sage from arroyos in Taos; Watercress from clean fresh mountain water acequias; Chapparal wildcrafted in the southern region of New Mexico; Blue Corn from Velarde farms, lavender flower from Chimayo, red clay from the mesa in southern Colorado, sea salt and volcanic ash from the salt beds of Utah and continually researching and blending!

We believe in sustainable business practice by buying local, recycling and supporting our greater community. What is good for us is good for the whole.

In an on going partnership with the community, Desert Blends has pledged a portion of it's proceeds to Terra Nova Children's Foundation. www.terranovataos.com