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I am a certified herbalist, skin care manufacturer and formulator of Plant Based skin care. I have developed organic all natural plant based skin care systems for over 20 years.

I want to inform you on the importance of using natural skin care vs. chemically laden products.

First of all, the skin is the largest organ of the body. What you put on the skin absorbs into the blood stream eventually through the organs to filter out the toxins. What happens when you use products of a chemical composition daily, there is a buildup of toxins that your body can’t’ dispose of that may be harmful or cause cancer. It’s really that serious. That includes our daily products of body wash, shampoo, lotions etc.

You can’t beat nature’s intelligence. Did you know that in nature there is always a remedy 10 feet away from a potentially poisonous plant? For instance, a manzanita bush is a remedy for the poison ivy. If you boil the leaf and bark and apply on the rash it will heal it almost immediately. This same principal of nature is what I apply in my formulations. I use the botanicals to heal a particular symptom.

I have researched the desert plants for over two decades and have discovered they are perfect for skin care. Having lived in the dry desert climate and harsh elements I use the desert plants to heal my dry skin condition for three reasons:

1. Moisture retention; most desert plants hold the moisture in the desert in order to survive, such as cactus; brush and flora.

2. High in antioxidants, vitamin and minerals; the plant composition has a strong constitution and offers up the essentials for healing dry damaged skin.

3. A natural UV sun protectant; plants offer up a high filter of harmful UA rays that cause cancer; chaparral, a desert shrub in the Mojave desert is known to heal skin Melanoma for instance.

We have been lied to! The natural skin care business is worth over 80 Billion dollars and growing! That is plenty incentive for laboratory’s to come up with compounds and synthetics that mask the problem and can charge you $100 for an ounce of cure all cream but doesn’t’ disclose the harmful side effects.

Whole Plant Systems. There is nothing more potent, safe or effective than using whole plant systems. A Vitamin C compound used in skin care creams break down and are ineffective. Only whole plants systems hold their integrity throughout the day and can offer effective product. Vitamin C offers the retinal, collagen and essential fatty acids that heal the cell membrane, tighten, tone and lift AND reverse sun damage. I use a blend of Vitamin C potent plant based ingredients I discovered on my walk along the riparian of Taos, NM, my Seven Seeds proprietary blend. If you can picture majestic snowcapped mountains, pine and juniper trees along an acequia overlooking lush open graze grasslands and citrus orchards. Along this water stream you will find wild rose hip seeds, primrose seeds, licorice root, burdock, to name a few. They all offer high Vitamin C! A symbiosis of nature’s intelligence at its finest.

Now that you have been somewhat informed, and know the dangers of using chemical laden products, next time you go to purchase a skin care product, look at the label! If it has compounds, fillers or synthetics know you are taking your life in your hands! If you can’t pronounce the ingredients don’t buy it! Natural plant based products are the most effective and safe and often more affordable. You can find those products in your local natural store or even at the local farmer’s market. The truth of the matter is skin deep.

Love and blessings, Toni