Toni Leigh
Certified Herbalist of Western and Ayurveda Tradition
Ayurveda Skin Care Consultant

Toni has developed these products for beauty, health and wellbeing. Following the principals of Ayurveda, healing the mind, body and spirit, Toni combines 20 years of experience and knowledge with plant spirit medicine. Toni is a seed gatherer in the wild.

She says she was inspired while walking in nature along the riparian of the sacred mountains of Taos, NM and Northern CA. The seed plants grow in a matrix, a symbiosis that may offer up Prana (life force). Most of her botanical blends grow in the high desert, mountainous region that have a strong constitution, hold moisture and have natural sun protection.

Toni is available for skin care consultations… and can also be hired to design and formulate your skincare line! Please fill out the Contact Form with product questions or services you are interested in.

Thank You!

Toni Leigh


A little tiny bit goes a long way. I’m still dabbing from an almost empty jar. I need only a small dab on my cheek every few weeks and sometimes a few months. I’m quite amazed of the results with this to say the least. My skin on my face is absolutely perfect with no redness, just perfectly smooth skin. The price is unbelievable for what is accomplishes. I did’nt even know that the ingredients were clean nourishing herbs and not harsh chemicals. I can’t afford not to be on this product. It’s a win win situation. Thanks Toni for an absolutely amazing product for an absolutely amazing price.

Rick Allaway, Sacramento CA

Thanks for providing me with excellent products! I absolutely love them!

Sandra Robles

Thank you! I appreciate your nourishing body care soo so much. It is more than a product to me, it is a way of life, thank you for you dedication to creating such wonderful body remedies. Thank you for all that you offer! So much gratitude!

Nina Britton, Nourishing Roots

I just wanted to tell you that I was recently diagnosed with rosacea. Bumps on my face and very itchy. I am 60 and it just came out of nowhere. The dermatologist prescribed oral antibiotics and antibiotic cream. I didn’t want to do that so I came home and read everything I could about the natural treatment of rosacea. I had the face serum on hand and it had many of the ingredients I had read about on all these rosacea sites. I went on a regimen of using the eye serum on my broken out spots as well as my eyes morning and night. After 3 days the cream greatly reduced the red bumps and I am a very happy camper. I am stocking up. I love your products! I think I will just totally go Desert Blends for a while and see what happens. I love the fact that the rescue creams for face and eye both don’t have much scent. I love the sage products but I am very allergic to smells having been an aromatherapist early on in my massage career I became over sensitive to most scents.

Debra DuBois

healing the mind,
body and spirit